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  • About MascotInsider

    Welcome to MascotInsider!

    This is a website dedicated to Mascots and their fans. We were founded on April 2010 as Mascot Madness, a few months after opening, we made a few staff changed and introduced a brand new flash website. Ultimately, we again decided that flash was not the best way to make our website. On January 2011 we introduced Mascot Madness 2.0, our newest full featured social media website. In February 2012 we changed our name from Mascot Madness to MascotInsider to make us more unique! We will still continue to operate the same way as we have from the start. Since then we've grown even more by hitting One Million Views less then a year and launching the new MascotInsider 4.0 Platform and we'll only keep adding more great features to the community!

    The following is a small message from our founder, Justin Jolley about how the idea of MascotInsider formerly knows as Mascot Madness came about:

    “My goal was to get Mascots and their fans united. I wanted them to interact with each other in a social networking environment since social networking is the future. The mascots are always on the move, creating exciting new things; I knew a website was needed to share their favorite photos and let fans know how exciting it is to be a mascot. That’s why I made MascotInsider. It will always be the coolest website for mascots and their fans! I’m also grateful for the amazing fans supporting this site”

    MascotInsider has been as seen on

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  • MascotInsider Team Members

    image.png.c661937fdff51d80630f74ac2053f4bc.jpgJustin Jolley | Founder/Director

    It all began when I attended the Celebrity Mascot Games after watching the games for the first time ever I decided that mascots are awesome and I decided to open a website called Mascot Madness. This website is dedicated to Mascots & Their fans and allowing fans to see the Mascot World up closer than ever before. Later On, I've gotten the chance to perform as an Animated Character at Give Kids the World for over Two Years and recently accepted a position with Universal Orlando Entertainment as an Animated Escort I love my job. It makes me smile that Mascots know what I do and I can't wait to continue to show why mascots are amazing.



    image.png.2350f25efe18672387835e0ba82c0c0f.jpgAva Buric | Graphic Designer 

    I’ve been a huge mascot lover for as long as I remember and mostly saw it through drawings. Besides doing commissions and fan drawings in my free time, I currently draw my high school’s retired mascot for the online newspaper comic strip. Trying to bring this retired mascot back to my school campus (to hopefully BE him to cross off “being a mascot” on my bucket list), being a regular attendee at the Mascot Games, and making animations for my future career.r are some of the other things I do. Some of my work can be seen on my @MascotDrawings Instagram page.






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