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    Welcome to MascotInsider.com originally know as Mascot Madness. Together our team brings mascots into the spotlight by allowing fans to see why mascots are awesome for what they do! Our team covers select events in the Florida areas including being the #1 Website to cover the Mascot Games and offer FULL coverage of the event allowing fans all over the globe to see the event. We love what we get to do! On behalf of the entire team, we hope you enjoy visiting and seeing the content we produce if you have suggestions or are a mascot yourself and would like to be featured please feel free to contact us.

    MascotInsider Team Members

    image.png.c661937fdff51d80630f74ac2053f4bc.jpgJustin Jolley | Founder/Director

    On April of 2010, I started a community know as Mascot Madness as I was introduced to the Celebrity Mascot Games. I thought it would be awesome to be able to put mascots in the spotlight by covering the events they attend and allow fans to interact with them! Throughout the time I've done this. In 2012 I announced Mascot Madness is being rebranded as MascotInsider to allow us to have a unique name never been thought of. And now thanks to my awesome crew we offer fans to go behind the suit and see why mascots are awesome for what they do! 



    image.png.2350f25efe18672387835e0ba82c0c0f.jpgAva Buric | Graphic Designer 

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    36002854_10217230917749045_2329587353657540608_n (2).jpgJohn Corigliano Video Editor/Interviewer

    New BIO Coming Soon!





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