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Aubie takes 9th 1A National Title along with YouDee taking Open Title

The 2016 UCA Nationals hosted at Walt Disney World ESPN World Wide of Sport has hit with a bang this year as Aubie takes home his 9th 1A National title and YouDee earns the Open Title. All the Mascots had some great, awesome skits this year, even incorporating Steve Harvey big mess up with the Miss Universe title overall it was a great competition and great work to all mascots this isn't the easiest competition out there. Below are the final results from the competition.

Mascot Division 1A

1  Auburn University - "Aubie"

2  University of Minnesota - "Goldy Gopher"

3  University of Colorado - "Chip"

4  The Ohio State University - "Brutus Buckeye"

5  University of Wisconsin - "Bucky Badger"

6  Louisiana State University - "Mike"

7  Michigan State University - "Sparty"

8  University of Oklahoma - "Boomer"

9  Washington State University - "Butch T Cougar"

10  University of Alabama - "Big AL"

11  Florida Atlantic University - "Owlsley" 


Mascot Open Championship

1  University of Delaware - "YoUDee"

2  Liberty University - "Sparky"

3  Villanova University - "Will D. Cat"

4  University of Alabama Birmingham - "Blaze"


Twitter Fan Favorite

Villanova University - "Will D. Cat" 


We can't wait till the next year competition who do you think we'll take the title next year? Join us in 2017 as we'll once again join ESPN & UCA Updates for more fun.


Edited by Justin Jolley

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