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"Dizzy" helps with attempt at world record


Philadelphia Spinners' mascot Dizzy may have just helped break a world record. The lovable blue guy that gets the crowd going at every Spinners' home game participated in an attempt to break the world record for the world's largest mascot dance recently. He didn't have to go far as the event was held in Philadelphia, but there were mascots from across the nation participating.

The group, Mascots for a Cure, puts this event on each year, and they have tried before. This past weekend, Dizzy, that lovable blue guy at every home Spinners game joined mascots from around the country to attempt to break the Guinness World Record for “Largest Mascot Dance”.

The record is held by a group in Japan who set the record in 2013 with 134 mascots dancing together for five minutes. Media reports say there were 138 at this event, so it looks good. Guinness still has to certify the record and make sure all the rules were followed and requirements met, but the group is hopeful they have set the record.

Mascots for a cure is a non-profit group that raises money for the fight against childhood cancers and other diseases. They want to find a cure for cancer and eliminate the danger for children. According to their website, this is their biggest event of the year and the biggest fundraiser.

The group has in the past tried to break the record for most mascots assembled, which is also held by a group in Japan with 376. This record is different in that it is an organized dance that lasts at least five minutes.

The group trying to break the record is based in Oregon, but they chose to do the event in Philadelphia this year. The organization wants to expand its reach, and felt doing the event on the east coast would do that for them. That Philadelphia is a great sports town and has several mascots was also a factor. In addition to Dizzy, there were mascots from the local five college teams, Swoop from the Philadelphia Eagles, Franklin from the 76ers, and of course the famous Phillie Phanatic.

Having the mascots from Philadelphia, and some from Lancaster, helped it get off to a good start at the Palestra. Videos and photographs have been sent to the Guinness organization, where it will be examined in a detailed way before a determination is made. They will try to break the record again next year, even if they are granted the record.

According to a Lancaster newspaper, mascots from that county who attended were: Clyo of the Lancaster Barnstormers; Racing tea bottles from Turkey Hill Dairies; Kitchen Kettle Village mascot Yummie; Filbert Flamingo from Isaac's Sandwiches; Champ from the Spooky Nook Sports, as well as Loco and Boomer from Keystone Mascots.

The Spinners are a professional ultimate disc team and are part of the major league ultimate sports organization. Their home field is Carey Stadium at Germantown Academy in Fort Washington. The season begins in early April and goes through June.

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