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High on Controversy for the Bongy

A few months ago we covered a story regarding a mascot that a Town didn’t like we were able to get a hold of to interview him check it out below!

1. You were featured on Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report. What are you thoughts on that? I am pretty excited about being on the Colbert Report. I have all kinds of cute girl mascots calling me now. Even Minnie Mouse called me. I’m famous now….and I love it.

2. How has this media exposure changed your life? My life is changing by the minute. Like I said…. Minnie mouse even wants a date…. I even have some movie deals I am discussing.

3. Why do you think Esquimalt City Councillor Tim Morrison is trying to run you out of town? You just would not believe it… You just never think you would see that political corruption you see on TV in your own back yard…. If you Google Bongy the bong warehouse esquimalt bc than you will see some pictures of me out in the neighborhood having a good time. The one picture I am referring to is of me up on a cube van doing the jig promoting a sale at ” The Bong Warehouse” across the street. Well….low and behold….. Good old Timmy Boy and his sister have financial ties to the condominium project you see in the picture behind me. I guess they feel we are lowering the property values. We used to have a liquor store next door and right next to this condominium project the other liquor store was mysteriously burned to the ground. It was called ” The Tudor House Pub” I can’t believe that monster would have that place run out of town too…. All I am trying to do is offer the lovely residents of this neighborhood a convenient place to purchase discount medical devices for their natural pain management. More of our clients are over fifty than under. Sometimes I really get scared that he is gonna hurt me but people need me and I am there for them. We aren’t going anywhere. They will have to burn us out too.

4. Tim Morrison has proposed legislation that would require mascots on public property to have a permit. Your thoughts? I think having to have a permit to walk down the street is an outrageous display of racism. Do mascots have no rights? What is this world coming too. I will stand tall and walk the streets when and how I feel like it. I am a mascot with pride.

5. When people see you what are their immediate reactions? When people see me I am welcomed with smiles and open arms. This Tim Morrison character has small man syndrome and is really mad that he is so short. Short in many ways the girls tell me.

Thank you to Bongy for taking the time to interview with us.

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