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A Doggone Good Interview With Shell-E

1. What organization do you represent?

Well, I'm my own dog as such. Unlike my big league mascot brothers and sisters, I'm not backed by an organization. However, I represent every shelter pet. My job is to get them as many fans as I can. Just like my big league mascot pals do for their team.Wait a tail waggin' second....Maybe I am like them. BOL! (bark out loud)

2. How long have you been around the mascot business?

In dog years? 35. Ok, I'll stop being a smug Pug. 2015 will be my fifth year.

3. What are some of your fondest memories?

Wow. Since these are made daily, that's a rawhide question. Going to schools and meeting kids who have done wonderful things for the animal shelters in their community is quiet fond to this Fido.

4. Do you look up to any mascots?

Yes, when they drop down from the arena ceiling. BOL! OK, now I'm being as serious as an empty treat jar. Benny the Bull keeps my nose to wind.

5. What are your favorite treats?

The ones that are in an endless supply and I can swallow whole.

6. What are you favorite events to attend?

Pet adoption events are the dog diggity. Parades are pristine. I gotta tell ya though, my goal is TO BE the favorite thing at any event I attend.

7. Do you travel?

Yes, but since I am self funded my budget doesn't allow me to buy a very long leash. However, I am micro-chipped so I'm ready when the opportunity sniffs me out.

8. What is something you would like to say, but can’t out loud?

I like cats.

9. Do you love car rides?

YES YES OOOHHHH YES ARE WE GOING? ARE WE GOING??? Sorry, you said the "R" word. Be warned. When I stick my big, lovable head out of the window, the car will lose about five miles per gallon.

10. Who’s a good doggie?

The one adopted from a shelter. :0)

Thanks so much to Shell-E the Shelter Dog for taking to the time to interview with us. Catch Shell-E on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/shelletheshelterdog.

Edited by Justin Jolley

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