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Justin Jolley
Justin Jolley

Quoth the Raven

MascotInsider is pleased to present you an interview with Poe from the Ravens team 
let's begin below..

1. What do you do to get the fans excited during the game?
   Get our fans excited? Our fans are already excited! From the moment I
streak out of the tunnel ahead of the team, our fans know how to create
a home field advantage. Of course, I get rather crazy on the sidelines
on defensive 3rd downs, but our fans already know it's time to get

2. Who is your arch nemesis of the mascot world?
   My nemesis isn't a mascot, it's a towel!  A little, puny, twirling,
piece of fabric that looks like it is used to clean up mustard spills.
That Steely McBeam never shows his bearded face, so he doesn't bother
me. But that silly terrible towel, I WILL see its demise one day, I

3. Your team just won a Super Bowl. How did you celebrate?
   Well first, I made confetti angels on the field of the Super Dome as
the team celebrated the victory. Then, I flew back to Baltimore to
celebrate with the fans. And on a side note, my arms weren't tired, the
seats on the plane have arm rests. I never got that joke. Back to the
celebration. There were millions, no billions, wait no, there were
trillions of fans there to celebrate during our victory parade! My
wings are still sore from all the high fives!

4. Any ideas of who turned out the lights during the Super Bowl?
   My investigation is ongoing.

5. Do you ever occasionally make bets with other mascot? I know Jaxson does.
   Jaxson does a lot of things that would get most mascots permanently
relocated to the zoo. Every year, I get a memo from the league office
left in my nest reminding me to not be like Jaxson.

6. If I'm not mistaking there used to be three of you guys Edgar, Allan, and
   well you. What happened to Edgar and Allan?
   While my brothers still love the Ravens, they found other passions to
follow. Edgar and Allan followed their love of music. While Allan
starting writing and composing, Edgar started producing. They recently
opened their own hip-hop recording studio. They called it Chamber
Doors. Weird name if you ask me.

7. How well do you interact with other mascots?
   We all get along very well. We tend to avoid Jaxson because he'll get
us into trouble. Freddie Falcon was also known for getting into some
mischief, especially in his younger days, though he has calmed down a
bit recently.

8. How do you deal with a crowd that lacked energy?
   I'm in Baltimore, our crowds never lack energy! Seriously, I don't know
why we even have seats at M&T Bank Stadium, our fans rarely sit!

9. How do you deal with the times that YOU lacked energy?
   I eat more crab cakes and watch videos of Ray Lewis!

10. What do you do during the off-season?
    Off-season, what off-season? Ravens fan celebrate football all year.
We have a gigantic party for the draft at M&T Bank Stadium.  This
summer, a huge flock of Ravens fans all went to the beach for a parade
and beach party with me, Cheerleaders, Baltimore's Marching Ravens,
and players. Then I took a nap, and when I woke up, it was time for
training camp.

11. Who was or is your favorite player to interact with? (Ravens and
    opposing player)
    Terrell Suggs celebrates his stadium introduction by knocking me to
ground, and I love it! Chad Johnson, or Ottoplinko, whatever his name
is now; he always called me a grey duck, I didn't like it at first,
but now that he's gone, I kind of miss it.

Thank you to Poe for taking the time to join us for an interview for more information 
about Poe you can visit his official website by clicking here.

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