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Justin Jolley
Philadelphia Spinners' mascot Dizzy may have just helped break a world record. The lovable blue guy that gets the crowd going at every Spinners' home game participated in an attempt to break the world record for the world's largest mascot dance recently. He didn't have to go far as the event was held in Philadelphia, but there were mascots from across the nation participating.
The group, Mascots for a Cure, puts this event on each year, and they have tried before. This past weekend, Dizzy, that lovable blue guy at every home Spinners game joined mascots from around the country to attempt to break the Guinness World Record for “Largest Mascot Dance”.
The record is held by a group in Japan who set the record in 2013 with 134 mascots dancing together for five minutes. Media reports say there were 138 at this event, so it looks good. Guinness still has to certify the record and make sure all the rules were followed and requirements met, but the group is hopeful they have set the record.
Mascots for a cure is a non-profit group that raises money for the fight against childhood cancers and other diseases. They want to find a cure for cancer and eliminate the danger for children. According to their website, this is their biggest event of the year and the biggest fundraiser.
The group has in the past tried to break the record for most mascots assembled, which is also held by a group in Japan with 376. This record is different in that it is an organized dance that lasts at least five minutes.
The group trying to break the record is based in Oregon, but they chose to do the event in Philadelphia this year. The organization wants to expand its reach, and felt doing the event on the east coast would do that for them. That Philadelphia is a great sports town and has several mascots was also a factor. In addition to Dizzy, there were mascots from the local five college teams, Swoop from the Philadelphia Eagles, Franklin from the 76ers, and of course the famous Phillie Phanatic.
Having the mascots from Philadelphia, and some from Lancaster, helped it get off to a good start at the Palestra. Videos and photographs have been sent to the Guinness organization, where it will be examined in a detailed way before a determination is made. They will try to break the record again next year, even if they are granted the record.
According to a Lancaster newspaper, mascots from that county who attended were: Clyo of the Lancaster Barnstormers; Racing tea bottles from Turkey Hill Dairies; Kitchen Kettle Village mascot Yummie; Filbert Flamingo from Isaac's Sandwiches; Champ from the Spooky Nook Sports, as well as Loco and Boomer from Keystone Mascots.
The Spinners are a professional ultimate disc team and are part of the major league ultimate sports organization. Their home field is Carey Stadium at Germantown Academy in Fort Washington. The season begins in early April and goes through June.
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Philadelphia Spinners
Justin Jolley
It's been an amazing week for NHL Mascots as the NHL Mascot Showdown came back for another year and fans all over the world watched them battle it out in Nashville, TN during NHL Fan Fair. It was a close tie, but west conference takes home this year's trophy. Along with Gnash taking home this year Most Valuable Mascot award take a look back at this year's action below with official pictures from the challenge. Great Job to all Mascots we know it was a blast and can't wait to welcome some of you to this year's Mascot Games!     
Official Results from the challenges: 
Musical Chairs - East Wins  Bowling - West Wins Relay Race - West Wins Boomball - East Wins Dodgeball - East Wins Hockey Game - West Wins Dance Off - West Wins Final Score: West 4 | East 3 
Photo Highlights from NHL (Opens New Link)
Video Highlights supplied by Stormy
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The 2016 UCA Nationals hosted at Walt Disney World ESPN World Wide of Sport has hit with a bang this year as Aubie takes home his 9th 1A National title and YouDee earns the Open Title. All the Mascots had some great, awesome skits this year, even incorporating Steve Harvey big mess up with the Miss Universe title overall it was a great competition and great work to all mascots this isn't the easiest competition out there. Below are the final results from the competition.
Mascot Division 1A
1  Auburn University - "Aubie"
2  University of Minnesota - "Goldy Gopher"
3  University of Colorado - "Chip"
4  The Ohio State University - "Brutus Buckeye"
5  University of Wisconsin - "Bucky Badger"
6  Louisiana State University - "Mike"
7  Michigan State University - "Sparty"
8  University of Oklahoma - "Boomer"
9  Washington State University - "Butch T Cougar"
10  University of Alabama - "Big AL"
11  Florida Atlantic University - "Owlsley" 
Mascot Open Championship
1  University of Delaware - "YoUDee"
2  Liberty University - "Sparky"
3  Villanova University - "Will D. Cat"
4  University of Alabama Birmingham - "Blaze"
Twitter Fan Favorite
Villanova University - "Will D. Cat" 
We can't wait till the next year competition who do you think we'll take the title next year? Join us in 2017 as we'll once again join ESPN & UCA Updates for more fun.

Justin Jolley
Wally the Green Monster announced today that there's a new family member joining him at Fenway Park say hello to his sister Tessie. Tessie will be joining him in Home games when the team resumes its normal season however fan's have an early chance to meet her at 2016 Winter Weekend which is happening Jan 22st-24th Click Here for more information. What's even a cooler fact is she's from Florida, where Wally's Parents's currently live at Jetblue Park In Fort Myers, FL. Check out the video below of Wally's Journey to meet his sister and bringing her to Fenway Park. 
Justin Jolley
Exciting news for those that enjoyed the East vs. West Mascot Showdown last year it's just been announced that it's returning to this years All Star event which is being hosted in Nashville, TN at the Music City Center beginning Thursday, Jan. 28 through Sunday, Jan. 31. Mascot Showdown is included in Fan Fair admission and there's different challenges once a day for Schedule of Events click here.
Here's a clip of last year's Mascot Showdown
Justin Jolley
Welcome to what's New Now & Next for IAAPA 2015 MascotInsider interviews select manufacturers on what's going on with the Mascot World. Check them out below..

JCT Créations

Olympus Group

International Mascot

Mask U.S.

It's been another fantastic year and we hope you've enjoyed these interviews see you all next year! 
Justin Jolley
Hi Mascots & Fans,
You've waited for it and now it's HERE! Welcome to MascotInsider 4.0 the first social community for Mascots & Fans. The all new website has been rebuilt with a new platform and better features. To begin your journey with us you'll need to create an account will allow you to access to all the great features below. 
Access the Community Forums and chat away with Mascot's & Fans. Upload your Favoriate Photos in the new improved gallery.  Add upcoming event's that your local mascot we'll be attending so fans know. And Comment on Articles and Mascot Interviews from our team. On the Go? Download the FREE Tapatalk app and access all the latest news and Topics in the Community Forum with your mobile device. Ready to join in all the Fun? Awesome! Click Here and if you're currently a Mascot and would like Access to a private community where you can chat with others, please Click Here for more information on how to obtain access. Please also be advised fans, we are actively still working on 4.0 so you may encounter bugs or missing content we hope to correct that in a few weeks. 
Thank you for your continued support we hope you enjoy the new 4.0 experience and if you have any questions or feedback please Click Here to tell us.
-The MascotInsider Team
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Congrats to all the Mascot's who made the finals. Who's ready to see their favorite mascot win the title as the 2015 Favorite Mascot of the Year? We thank all the great mascot's that participated in this year's poll it was another fantastic year and we wish the finalists good luck! The voting rules are the same as Round One you'll be able to vote once a day till July 27th 2015 till 11:59 EST and please only vote on MascotInsider.com to make sure your votes are counted. Cast your vote below..
Voting has now ended. Thank you fans for voting in this year's Poll congratulations to Jazz Bear on winning this year's title! 
2015 Favorite Mascot of the Year Jazz Bear - Utah Jazz   Sluggerrr - Kansas City Royals   Tex Hooper - FC Dallas   Rowdy - Dallas Cowboys   Howler - Arizona Coyotes   Tux The Penguin - Wilkes-Barre Penguins   Willie Wildcat - Kansas State University   Felix Falcon - Utah Falconz Womens Football     pollcode.com free polls
Justin Jolley

Welcome to MascotInsider.com LARGEST coverage of Mascot Games 2015. It's another fantastic week in Orlando, Fla., as many great mascot's from many sports leagues came down to compete in this year's competition. The games started with a visit to Florida Hospital For Children on the evening of Thursday, June 18, with Shades (Orlando Solar Bears), Tommy Hawk (Chicago Blackhawks), Orbit (Houston Astros), Champ (Dallas Mavericks) and Captain Fear (Tampa Bay Buccaneers). Check out the great video below.
But our night didn't stop there. We had a chance to attend a press conference and meet and greet with the New Hope for Kids family members. During this event, each team captain (Fin - Blue Team) (Stormy - Red Team) (Stuff - Green Team) and (Stanley C Panther - Yellow Team) selected which mascots would join their team for the games. Check out that fun below. Be sure to be on the lookout for bonus GoPro footage featuring Stuff and Fin!
It's now Friday morning and it's day one of Mascot Games, and this is the biggest turn out day as many camps are ready to attend today's event. The games officially kicked off  at 12:30 p.m., and once again the wonderful Gina Marie Incandela had the honor of singing the National Anthem, which is always a great way to get the mascots excited about the event. Now without further ado, we invite you to check out the video of Friday's event below.
Don't want to watch Friday's full event? Click Here to see Round by Round!
Spoiler Alert: This year's Mascot Games introduced team coaches and we had a chance to interview two from 740 The Game. Check it out below. But be warned, this video does let you know which team won so be sure to see Friday's games first!
Wasn't Friday amazing? It's now Saturday afternoon and it's the last day of the Mascot Games. Today's games started about 2 p.m. But just like last year, fans who bought a VIP Meet & Greet package were invited to enter the arena early and get photos and autographs with their favorite mascots. The doors opened to the public about 1:30 p.m., and we said goodbye so  all the mascots could get ready for the final day of the Mascot Games. Ready to experience the final day of Mascot Games of 2015? Check out the FULL games below.
Don't want to see the Full Event? Click Here to see Round by Round.
On behalf of the MascotInsider Team, thank you for watching our 2015 coverage of Mascot Games, our largest collection we've done to date. We can't wait to see what we can bring you next year! 
Check out the event photo below:
Justin Jolley

Welcome to MascotInsider.com Fourth Annual Favorite Mascot of the Year Round One Poll! Who is going to take home this year's prize? Good Luck to all Mascots nominated and begin voting below.. Just as a reminder, you may vote ONCE a Day. It may be possible to vote on aother device that’s OK, however, we only guarantee one vote a DAY. So be sure to come back the next day and keep voting for your Favorite Mascot till July 6th 2015 11:59 EST.
How to Vote? You may vote on One Poll at a time once presented with the Results page, simply click the "BACK" button to return to this page. Make sure to ONLY use MascotInsider.com for voting this is the only place votes are counted.
Voting in Round One has now CLOSED. To view results simply click the View button on one of the categories. 
Favorite NBA Mascot
Slamson - Sacramento Kings   Clutch - Houston Rockets   MoonDog & Sir CC - Cleveland Cavaliers   Stuff - Orlando Magic   Benny the Bull - Chicago Bulls   Jazz Bear - Utah Jazz   Bango - Milwaukee Bucks   Gorilla - Phoenix Suns   Harry the Hawk - Atlanta Hawks   Hugo the Hornet - Charlotte Hornets   Burnie - Miami Heat   Grizz - Memphis Grizzlies     pollcode.com free polls This Polls contained an error in it and had to be reissued, no worries to all original votes are still counted and as seen at: http://poll.pollcode.com/68449613
Favorite MLB Mascot Sluggerrr - Kansas City Royals   Mr. Met - New York Mets   Ace - Toronto Blue Jays   Slider - Cleveland Indians   Oriole Bird - Baltimore Orioles   Stomper - Oakland A's   Lou Seal - San Francisco Giants   Philly Phanatic - Philadelphia Phillies   Raymond - Tampa Bay Rays   Mr. Red - Cincinnati Reds   Screech - Washington Nationals   Orbit - Houston Astros   Wally the Green Monster - Boston Red Sox   T.C. Bear - Minnesota Twins   The Swinging Friar - San Diego Padres   The Pirate Parrot - Pittsburgh Pirates   FredBird - St. Louis Cardinals   D. Baxter the Bobcat - Arizona Diamondbacks   Clark the Cub - Chicago Cubs     pollcode.com free polls  
Favorite MLS Mascot Blue - Sporting KC   Kingston - Orlando City   Diesel - Houston   Brad Beach - Milwaukee Wave   Leo the Lion - Real Salt Lake   Tac-Tik - Montreal Impact   Crew Cat - Columbus Crew   Tex Hooper - FC Dallas   Cosmo - LA Galaxy     pollcode.com free polls  
Favorite NFL Mascot Swoop - Philadelphia Eagles   Pat Patriot - New England Patriots   KC Wolf - Kansas City   Chomps - Cleveland Browns   Poe - Baltimore Ravens   Blue - Indy Colts   Freddie Falcon - Atlanta Falcons   T.D. - Miami Dolphins   Toro - Houston Texans   Blitz - Seattle Seahawks   Roary - Detroit Lions   Sour Dough Sam - San Francisco 49ers   Viktor the Viking - Minnesota Vikings   Rowdy - Dallas Cowboys   Sir Purr - Carolina Panthers   Steely McBean - Pittsburgh Steelers   Brownie the elf - Cleveland Browns   Who Dey - Cincinnati Bengals   Captain Fear - Tampa Bay Buccaneers   Miles - Denver Broncos     pollcode.com free polls  
Favorite NHL Mascot Nordy - Minnesota Wild   Slapshot - Washington Capitals   NJ Devil - New Jersey Devils   Stanley C. Panther - Florida Panthers   SJ Sharkie - San Jose Sharks   Victor E Green - Dallas Stars   Tommy Hawk - Blackhawks   Wild Wing - Anahiem Ducks   Sparky The Dragon - New York Islanders   Thunderbug - Tampa Bay Lightning   Stormy - Carolina Hurricanes   Iceburg - Pittsburg Penguins   Stinger - Columbus Blue Jackets   Howler - Arizona Coyotes   Gnash - Nashville Predators     pollcode.com free polls  
Favorite Minor League Barley - Hillsboro Hops   Sonar Wolfpack - Wolf Pack's   Scrappy - Mahoning Valley Scrappers   Dinger - Sacramento River Cats   Sandy The Seagull - Brooklyn Cyclones   Hornsby - Tulsa Drillers   Bumble - Salt Lake Bees   Tux The Penguin - Wilkes-Barre Penguins   Chopper - Gwinnett Braves Chopper   Twister = Cincinnati Cyclones   Swatson - Sugarland Skeeters   Finz - Worcester Sharks   Crash - Iowa Wild   Ballepeno - San Antonio Missions   Wool E. Bull - Durham Bulls baseball   Muddy - Toledo   Phinley - Clearwater Threshers   Champ SWB RailRiders   Belle - Florence Freedom   Otto the Spokanasaurus   Deuce - Frisco RoughRiders   Mac - Missouri Mavericks   Looie the Lookout - Chattanooga Lookouts     pollcode.com free polls  
Favorite College Mascot Sparky Flames - Liberty Flames   Benny the Beaver - Oregon State Beavers   Albert & Alberta - Florida Gators   Flash- Kent State University   Pete the Penguin - YSU   Monte - Unversity of Montana   Smokey - University of TN   Boko the Bobcat - Texas State University   Avalanche - Kutztown University   Willy Wolverine - Utah Valley University   Bucky Badger - Wisconsin Badgers   Jayhawk and Lil Jay - University of Kansas   Swoop - University of Utah   Hairy Dawg - University of Georgia Bulldog   Shasta - University of Houston   Rufus Bobcat - Ohio University   Buster Bronco - Boise State University   Sammy Bearkat - Sam Houston   Knightro - University of Central Florida   Ramses - University of North Carolina   Roc the Panther - Pittsburgh Panthers   Nitany Lion - Penn State   Bearcat - Cincinnati   Big Al - Alabama Crimson Tide   Nittyany Lion - Penn State   Cosmo - Brigham Young University   Wolfie - NC State   Willie the Wildcat - Kansas State University   Scrappy - University of Tennessee at Chattanooga - Chattanooga Mocs     pollcode.com free polls  
Favorite Not Listed Category Mascot Matty the Mattress - Mattress Mania   Champion - Remparts de Québec (CHL)   Munchie - Royal Sask. Museum   Chick Fil A Cow - Chick-fil-A   Rowdy the Red Devil - Bradford High School   Felix Falcon – Utah Falconz Womens Football   Rocky - Rocky Mountain Raceway   R. Thunder - Rochester Knighthawks   Striker Highlander - Victoria Highlanders   Spuddy Buddy - Idaho Potato Commission     The Tiger - Gilbert High   Bully the Brahma - Bellville ISD   Thunder - Lake Elsinore Storm   Soulman - Philadelphia Soul   Kodiak - Mascot Miracles Foundation   T-Bone - Mascot Miracles Foundation   Tank - Law Tigers     pollcode.com free polls  
Justin Jolley

Orlando, FL (June 2, 2015) – New Hope for Kids has announced the mascots that will compete in the 22nd Annual Mascot Games Presented by Wawa, taking place at Amway Center on Friday, June 19, at 12:30 p.m., and Saturday, June 20, at 2 p.m.  Twenty-four of the best and most popular mascots from across North America will join the Orlando Magic's STUFF, the event's host mascot, for the annual competition. Mascots from MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, MLS, and the NCAA will be divided into four teams as they compete against each other in wild and wacky games to determine the true champions of the mascot world.
The complete list of participating mascots is below.
"The collection of Mascots that will be showcased at Amway Center will be unrivaled anywhere in the world," said Dave Joswick, Executive Director of New Hope for Kids. "Our ambassador, Orlando Magic's STUFF, has invited top notch talents, all who love to compete, and who also love knowing they're helping kids."
The Mascot Games Presented by Wawa will once again be emceed by the energetic, amusing and amazing front man for Fired Up Entertainment, Scotty B. Adding to the craziness on the field, each Mascot team will have a "celebrity coach" that will help manage the team and push them to victory. Coaches for the June 19 show include: WFTV sportscaster Christian Bruey, Orlando Sentinel sports columnist George Diaz, and 740 The Game radio personalities Ditti and Doc. Coaching duties for the June 20 show will be entrusted to the Monsters from Real Radio 104.1: Russ, Dirty Jim, Angel and Carlos. Each show will feature a halftime act highlighting local talent, with the June 19 performance by Gina Incadela and the June 20 performance by Project DJ Slam, featuring Blake Guyre.
Tickets for the Mascot Games Presented by Wawa are now on sale.  General admission tickets start at $12 and can be purchased through http://mascotgames.org/tickets/ or http://www.amwaycenter.com/events/detail/mascot-games-1" Chase Box Office at Amway Center, Ticketmaster retail locations, charge-by-phone at http://www.ticketmaster.com/search?tm_link=tm_homeA_header_search&user_input=mascot+games&q=mascot+games On Saturday only, a limited number of VIP "Mascot Huddle" tickets, which include a Mascot meet and greet and reserved seating, are available for $30, and reserved seating is available for $20.  Group seating for Summer Camps is available by downloading a form from the event website at http://www.mascotgames.org under the "Summer Camps" tab. In addition, discounted corporate tickets are available, offering local companies the ability to reward and entertain their employees and/or customers.
All proceeds from the Mascot Games Presented by Wawa benefit New Hope for Kids, which provides support to children and families grieving the death of a loved one, and grants wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses in Central Florida. Since its inception, the event has raised more than $300,000 for New Hope for Kids.
22nd Annual Mascot Games Presented by Wawa Participating Mascots:
Albert & Alberta – University of Florida Bango – Milwaukee Bucks Billy the Marlin – Miami Marlins Captain Fear – Tampa Bay Buccaneers Carlton – Toronto Maple Leafs Champ – Dallas Mavericks Fin the Whale – Vancouver Canucks Harry the Hawk – Atlanta Hawks Kingston – Orland City Soccer Club Knightro – UCF Lil' Red – University of Nebraska Louie – St. Louis Blues N.J. Devil – New Jersey Devils Orbit – Houston Astros Rangers Captain – Texas Rangers Raymond – Tampa Bay Rays Sebastian – University of Miami Shades – Orlando Solar Bears Slamson the Lion – Sacramento Kings Stormy – Carolina Hurricanes STUFF – Orlando Magic ThunderBug – Tampa Bay Lightning Tommy Hawk – Chicago Blackhawks Stanley C. Panther - Florida Panthers Rowdy – Dallas Cowboys
About New Hope for Kids
Since 1996, New Hope for Kids has been helping Central Florida children in need. Our purpose is to bring hope, healing and happiness to children and families suffering from grief, loss or life-threatening illnesses. New Hope for Kids achieves this through two programs: The Center for Grieving Children helps children and families cope with the feelings of grief and loss after the death of a loved one. Wishes for Kids grants wishes to children up to the age 19, diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. For more information, visit http://www.newhopeforkids.org/.
Justin Jolley

You’ve waited and it’s back again MascotInsider Presents the Most Favorite Mascot of the Year 2015 voted by you Fans! Last year, we had another amazing response, Jaxson De Ville took home the prize! Who will it be this year? As always you begin the poll’s by nominating your favorite mascot. The deadline to submit your nominations is June 15 2015 11:59 EST! Please check some of the Rules before you begin below..
All previous winners can’t be reentered at this time we want to give all mascot’s a chance to win this title. Only one Nomination Entry will be allowed, please choose carefully. All Mascots can be nominated in this poll, while yes, we don’t have their team category listed, you can put them in the “Not Listed Category”. Please nominate your mascot by the end of the Deadline we are not able to add anymore mascot’s once the nominations close to be fair to all nominated mascots. Thank You for nominating your favorite Mascots nomination are now closed. Please stay tuned as we announce the mascots and launch round one of the Poll!
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