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Justin Jolley
MascotInsider pleased to present you with a cool story submitted by Jacob Abercrombie about what he got to do with Stuff from Orlando Magic!
So I don’t even know where to start. But I saw Stuff asking for help with something for the Magic? Pacer game and thought that would be cool. So I put my name in the running and emailed Stuff 3 times the day before tonight’s game. Around 12:30 pm on game day I received an email back from Stuff asking if I was ready to help and willing to possibly get embarrassed, dangerous, crazy… Maybe even messy.
The only answer to that is, YES! So thinking we were going in for some sort of game and getting into a mess of something. 5 random fans went into the Lair thinking we were going to do something crazy, what we were told shocked and scared all of us. Stuff told us we were going to do the trampoline dunks!!! NO WARM-UPS, NO PRACTICE DUNKS, NO SAFETY NET!!! But we all tried our best and we all had a blast!
After we all missed our dunks, we were laughed at and then given OFFICIAL STUFF game jerseys signed by the Dragon himself!!!
What an awesome night and thank you to everyone involved!!!
Video Of The Fun:
Please check back later for video thank you..
Thanks to Jacob Abercrombie for submitting this awesome story and our friends at Go Magic for allowing us to post to get attention on this awesome thing Stuff did!
Fallow Stuff On Twitter: Click Here
Friend Him On Facebook: Click Here
Justin Jolley
Looking for a trim? Thrash asked people to head over to Philips Arena on March 25th and some lucky fan's would get to be shaved by Thrash himself. The reason people are doing this is for a great cause called St. Baldrick’s that raises money towards research to find a cure for childhood cancers. It’s really great to see Thrash got to join in and I posted a video below of him shaving someone’s head & an overview of the event.

Since we’ve posted this story sadly Thrash is now a retired mascot. It’s very heartbreaking to report this!
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