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Pierre T. Pelican & Swatson Take Home Title As 2016 Mascot of the Year!

You've voted and now it's over and we've crowned your winners. Please welcome to the MascotInsider Hall of Fame, Pierre T. Pelican for the 2016 Professional Mascot of the Year and Swatson as 2016 Minor League Mascot of the Year! Fans overtook on the Minor League Title this year producing more than 140,000 votes. This is an amazing record, but overall Swatson took the title with 78,220 total votes. It was a heated race with Muddy the Mudcat, who scored second place with 71,503 votes. For Professional title, Pierre T. Pelican scored the win with 12,177 votes total and has been crowned winner in that category. And new this year we've partnered with The Unsuited Podcast to offer an additional award and that was awarded to Shades from Orlando Solar Bears. We've posted the full results for fans to see below.

Professional Mascot of the Year 2016 Results:

1. Pierre T. Pelican 2177
2. Scrappy 511
3. Dynamo Diesel 224
4. Paws 59
5. Tommy Hawk 40
6. Roary 14

Minor League Mascot of the Year 2016 Results:

1. Swatson 78220
2. Muddy the Mudcat 71503
3. Looie 394
4. Sully: 308
5. Buckets: 25
6. Shades: 12 (The Unsuited Podcast Award Winner)

You Can view Pierre T. Pelican & Swatsons Award as well as their Acceptance Speech by Clicking Here .


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