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Tampa Bay Lightning does nothing regarding ThunderBug

A few days ago MascotInsider helped start a protest called Save Tampa Bay Lightning’s ThunderBug’s Job. Since that protest started it gained national attention being featured from Tampa Bay Times to many local news networks and more it was amazing how much attention it gained and since then it’s gathered over 600 signers. So the question is what has Tampa bay lightning was regarding Thunderbug? Well.. NOTHING Thunderbug still appears in the game, but here’s the most interesting thing he’s doing nothing now.  Many users on the protest page have  said Thunderbug does nothing at the games and half the time he is not even seen. It looks like they have yet to hire a professional performer and the person that plays the current Thunderbug is basically a little  underweight and unable to create the old look for Thunderbug.  So with so many fans complaining, what’s going to happen?  If this continues to where Thunderbug won’t do anything or gain interact with the fans, they will lose season ticket holders out of the deal. Many people even possibly will want to protest, the team and this means more sales will be lost to the team.

So what can you do to help get Thunderbug back to life? Tell Tampa Bay Lighting you want the bug BACK by signing the protest listed here: http://www.change.org/petitions/tampa-bay-lightning-save-thunderbugs-performer-job this could help get the old performer’s job back. You can also have your voice heard by emailing the Mascot Program Director at: kcarlson@tampabaytimesforum.com. MascotInsider has not yet given up on this and we stand strong for this person’s job as we know what happened to her was completely wrong!

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