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  2. Whitefang, 

    We are a new sports mascot prop company with a product called the SWEEP Flag for use as a spirit flag to celebrate the completion of your team's series sweep.

    We are interested in knowing your opinion on this idea. We have created a survey on Survey Monkey. We would really appreciate you taking three minutes to take it. Here is the link for the MASCOT survey.

    Thanks in advance,

    Lee Hill


    Sweep Flag with Barnstable Bat.JPG

  3. 5 Pro Tips for Buying Your First Mascot Costume

    Shopping around for the perfect mascot costume can be a fun, often overwhelming experience. Not only do you want a mascot costume that’s made with quality, durable materials, but you’ll also want to ensure the mascot is authentic and fits your wants, needs, and desires in a costume. Tips to Know Before You Buy Below are five tips to keep in mind prior to starting your search for the perfect mascot costume. 1. Knockoff costumes might violate intellectual property rights Most mascot or character costumes made or designed in the US have some level of copyright or licensing covering intellectual property rights. Using a knockoff costume could make you subject to direct or indirect legal action to protect those intellectual property rights, so make sure you’re shopping for a product that is ethically and legally constructed. 2. It’s better to purchase directly from a licensed manufacturer Though you might find cheaper prices from using a generic mascot company, you should always purchase a costume directly from a licensed manufacturer or distributor. By doing this you can be sure that you are getting authentic merchandise and that you will receive the quality product you need. Furthermore, several mascot manufacturers include a warranty with their products that can help to further solidify your confidence in the product. 3. You get what you pay for Most knockoff costumes are not made in the US and can have serious quality issues. Though the price tag may be higher for authentic costumes, you will ultimately save yourself money, time, and stress in the long run, and it keeps you from having to shop again in the near future. 4. The display photo of knockoff costumes might not be accurate Companies selling knockoff costumes typically display a photo taken from the internet of the original manufacturer's or the distributor’s website. Despite what’s displayed in the photos, these imitation costumes don’t usually have the patterns or molds to recreate the costume. This reduces your chances of receiving anything that looks similar to the image on the website and is almost a guarantee that the quality of products is far inferior. 5. Non-US companies likely won’t offer a warranty or exchange policy Dealing with companies outside the US eliminates the possibility of any warranty, nor does it guarantee that any return or exchange policy is actually unenforceable. This means you have no credible warranty, no way of securing a refund, and no reliable possibility that repairs can be made. What to Look For When Buying Now that you have an idea of what to expect during your search for the perfect mascot costume, these tips can give you a direction on what to look for so you can seal the deal on your ideal costume. A really low price is a warning flag Like most things, price is always your first clue. As the saying goes, “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is,” and this couldn’t ring truer when it comes to buying a mascot. As a rule of thumb, most quality mascots prices start around $1,000. So if you’re looking at a mascot costume that’s under $600, chances are it’s most likely not made in the US, not made with quality products, and will not have a warranty. Verify the costume is made in the US If you find a costume that sparks your interest, be sure to check the website, to verify that it is made in the US. If you cannot find a clear answer, contact the business to inquire about their location. Verify that you are buying from the copyright owner or licensed distributor Look carefully at the site and product reviews and make sure you are buying your costume from either the legitimate, copyright owner or one of their licensed distributors. Verify licensing agreement Remember that not all mascot manufacturers have licensing agreements. Be sure to look for one that clearly verifies their agreements. This not only protects them but also protects you as well.
  4. Participating Mascots Announced for Mascot Games

    New Hope for Kids has announced the Mascots that will compete in the 24th Annual Mascot Games Presented by Wawa, taking place at Amway Center on Friday, June 23rd, at 12:30 p.m., and Saturday, June 24th, at 2 p.m. Participating Mascots include STUFFfrom the Orlando Magic, Knightro from the University of Central Florida, Kingston from Orlando City Soccer Club and fan favorite Sir CC from the Cleveland Cavaliers. The complete list is below. “We hear each year from those who attend how truly entertaining this event is. They think it is for the kids, but adults enjoy the Mascots just as much,” said Dave Joswick, Executive Director of New Hope for Kids. “Our ambassador, Orlando Magic’s Stuff, has invited top notch talents, all who love to steal the limelight, and who also love knowing they’re helping kids.” Twenty-three of the best and most popular Mascots from across North America will join STUFF, the event’s host mascot, for the annual competition. Mascots from MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, ECHL, MLS and NCAA will be divided into four teams as they compete against each other in wild and zany games to determine the true champions of the mascot world. Tickets for the Mascot Games Presented by Wawa are now on sale. General admission tickets start at $12 and can be purchased through mascotgames.org, amwaycenter.com, Chase Box Office at Amway Center, Ticketmaster retail locations, charge-by-phone at 800-745-3000, or at Ticketmaster.com. A limited number of VIP “Mascot Huddle” tickets, which include a Mascot meet and greet and reserved seating for Saturday’s performance, are available for $35 in advance and $40 the day of the event. Reserved seating will be available for $20 while supplies last. Group seating for Summer Camps is available by downloading a form from the event website. All proceeds from the Mascot Games Presented by Wawa benefit New Hope for Kids, which provides support to children and families grieving the death of a loved one, and grants wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses in Central Florida. Since its inception, the event has raised more than $500,000 for New Hope for Kids. 24th Annual Mascot Games Presented by Wawa Participating Mascots: Captain Fear – Tampa Bay Buccaneers Carlton – Toronto Maple Leafs Champ – Dallas Mavericks Chomps – Cleveland Browns Coyote – San Antonio Spurs Fin the Whale – Vancouver Canucks Franklin – Philadelphia 76ers Hugo – Charlotte Hornets Jaxon De Ville – Jacksonville Jaguars Kingston – Orlando City Soccer Club Knightro – University of Central Florida Lil’ Red – University of Nebraska Louie – St. Louis Blues N.J. Devil – New Jersey Devils Rangers Captain – Texas Rangers Rocky the Bull – University of South Florida Rowdy – Dallas Cowboys Sebastian – University of Miami Shades – Orlando Solar Bears Sir CC– Cleveland Cavaliers Stanley – Florida Panthers STUFF – Orlando Magic ThunderBug – Tampa Bay Lightning Tommy Hawk – Chicago Blackhawks
  5. Zumbathon® Charity Event For Childhood Cancer

    90 minute Zumba® Charity Event benefiting Mascots for A Cure. Mascots for a Cure is dedicated to help children and their families battling cancer. Through our passion, relentless pursuit of our goals, and the power of mascots, we foster hope, laughter, joy, positive memories and love to support children and their families affected world-wide. Mascots for a Cure started on February 21st, 2014 and was born out of a personal experience with cancer. There is a good chance we have all been touched or affected by cancer in some way, shape or form. There are stories behind each of these battles. Our story is driven by passion, by the power of mascots, by creating unique opportunities and events for both people and mascots to be a part of, and most importantly we are driven by love. We believe that together, we can help fight childhood cancer, one mascot at a time! Buy your Ticket today by clicking here. Tickets: $10 for ZIN™ Members (must show proof of ZIN™ Membership) $15 in advance (online) $20 at the Door (cash only)
  6. The Hubbard Eagle!

    Hubbard Eagle of Hubbard OH. The eagle is a character from Hubbard OH! The Eagle enjoys cheering on the hubbard eagles, dancing to the band, getting hugs from all ages of kids, as well as eating hot dogs! The Eagle can be found at almost any school event, and even craft shows! You can easily find the Eagle doing jumps, tricks, and even the worm!
  7. Mascot Trot race 2016

    This is me as Zhu Zhu Getting ready to race for The Mascot trot race. Zhu zhu is the Panda Panda mascot for Zoo Of atlanta Along with his Mascot buddies.
  8. Swatson (Minor League 2016)

    Acceptance Speech: Thank you MascotInsider for letting us be a part of the competition and your continuous support of mascots everywhere. Being named 2016 Minor League Mascot of the Year in such a wide range of talented performers across the globe is very humbling. We wouldn't have accomplished this without everyone's support. A big shout out to the team, the front office and most importantly Skeeter Nation! Thank you so much for taking the time to vote and support me and our team. It is a true testament of how great minor league fans are considering there were over 150,000 votes in total. Because of this and numerous other reasons is why it makes it so easy to put the jersey on and work in the Texas heat. Thank you again & go skeeters! #SkeetersPOWER – Swatson Award:
  9. Pierre T. Pelican (2016 Major League)

    Acceptance Speech: I’d like to start off by saying thank you to everyone who supported me from all across the world. I have the greatest fans and couldn’t be prouder to represent my team, the New Orleans Pelicans, as the 2016 Professional Mascot of the Year. To be named in such a talented field is a true honor, and I’m truly lucky to be a part of this amazing fur-ternity of mascots across all professional sports. Thank you to MascotInsider for supporting mascots and spotlighting us with this tremendous annual honor. And again, thank you to all the fans for your love and support. I couldn’t have won this without you, so this award is for you. I’ll see you all at the Smoothie King Center very soon! #TakeFlight Award:
  10. Jazz Bear (2015)

    Acceptance Speech: I would like to thank everyone that took the time to vote. I appreciate everyone who supported me very much and I wish I could shake every persons hand and say thank you. I believe that being a mascot is an amazing career and I feel sincerely humbled that I was able to win this award. I also want to say that Rowdy from the Dallas Cowboys is amazing and a good friend. I am very lucky to win against such a talented and well known mascot. I am grateful for everyday I get to put my suit on and entertain fans as well as do charity work around Utah. Thank you all for supporting MascotInsider and thank you MascotInsider for supporting mascots around the world. Award:
  11. Jaxson Deville (2014)

    Acceptance Speech: N/A Award:
  12. Marty the Marmot (2013)

    Acceptance Speech: Thank you to all the Victoria Royals and Western Hockey League fans for taking the time to vote for me during the MascotInsider.com Mascot of the Year polls. I am truly humbled to have received over 37,000 votes. It was amazing to watch the numbers rise every day. It speaks volumes about the civic pride the people from Victoria and Southern Vancouver Island have for the island and the marmots that inhabit it. I would also like to tip my hat to Bailey from the Los Angeles Kings as well as all of my fellow mascots that were up for this award. It was an honor to be included with such a talented and accomplished group. Keep on entertaining your fans my friends! Thank you to the team at MascotInsider.com for this award, and as many of my friends on the Marty-Train will tell you – “CAN’T STOP THIS TRAIN!” Thank you Award:
  13. Ozzie Osprey (2012)

    Acceptance Speech: Acceptance Speech Coming Soon.. Award:
  14. A trip to Trinity shopping centre in Leeds turned from fun to shocking for a girl and her mother after they encountered a mascot from a children's charity. The person dressed as Pudsey Bear, the mascot character for the BBC's Children in Need, was photographed alongside a seven-year-old girl by her mother. After sharing the photo with her sister, she realized that the mascot's costume appeared to have an appendage resembling male genitalia between its legs. The woman said she was horrified when she noticed the oddity on the costume. She said it wasn't clear if the person in the suit was genuinely collecting money for charity or if they were a paedophile using it as an excuse to approach children. The BBC released a statement saying they are investigating the incident to ensure it does not happen again. The woman later searched the shopping centre but could not locate the person dressed as Pudsey. It is unclear how many other children encountered the person dressed in the costume. She contacted the BBC and was told that the fund-raiser was not officially sanctioned. BBC officials said that Pudsey suits are issued with certain guidelines for how they are to be worn and used. Official suits are sometimes distributed for fund-raising events. They confirmed that the costumes are not designed to include the appendage on the suit seen by the mother. The statement raised the possibility that the suit was an official version which had been altered or a homemade costume. Children in Need distributes grant money to projects across the UK which aid youths facing poverty, neglect, or disabilities. It relies heavily on donations and Pudsey the Bear is a popular character who serves as a face for the organization. Over 2,400 youth programmes receive support from Children in Need.
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