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    It's back MascotInsider's Mascot of the Year for its 5th year! We've made changes based on user feedback, including adding a new Minor League award, details of this year's contest are below as we'll as the forum to nominate your mascot you'll have till July 15th to cast your mascot nominations. Good Luck to all Mascots! Rules to Nominating: Mascots can only be in the "Mascot Hall of Fame" Once if they won in the past year's they are not eligible. High School Mascots & Major Brand Mascots such as Disney or Universal can't be nominated. Only ONE nomination form per person, be careful who you nominate. Please include Mascots Name AND their Sports Team Name. Professional Mascots we'll include: NFL MLB NBA MLS College Any Not Listed Mascot from a different professional Sports Organization Minor League Mascots We'll Include: Hockey Baseball Basketball Soccer Any Not Listed Mascots except for High Schools Please Note: Due to the many minor league sports organizations we are unable to list the organizations' names One Mascot from each Sport from Minor and One mascot from each Professional Organization we'll move on to the finals. Ready? Click the Button to get Started. Nominations have now CLOSED please stay tuned for voting information.
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