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The Unsuited Podcast

The Unsuited Podcast is back wth Matt & John

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Justin Jolley
Justin Jolley

Jazz Bear (2015)

    League Affiliation | NBA

Acceptance Speech: 

I would like to thank everyone that took the time to vote. I appreciate everyone who supported me very much and I wish I could shake every persons hand and say thank you. I believe that being a mascot is an amazing career and I feel sincerely humbled that I was able to win this award. I also want to say that Rowdy from the Dallas Cowboys is amazing and a good friend. I am very lucky to win against such a talented and well known mascot. I am grateful for everyday I get to put my suit on and entertain fans as well as do charity work around Utah. Thank you all for supporting MascotInsider and thank you MascotInsider for supporting mascots around the world.



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