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The Unsuited Podcast

The Unsuited Podcast is back wth Matt & John

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Justin Jolley
Justin Jolley

Marty the Marmot (2013)

    League Affiliation | Major League

Acceptance Speech:

Thank you to all the Victoria Royals and Western Hockey League fans for taking the time to vote for me during the MascotInsider.com Mascot of the Year polls. I am truly humbled to have received over 37,000 votes. It was amazing to watch the numbers rise every day. It speaks volumes about the civic pride the people from Victoria and Southern Vancouver Island have for the island and the marmots that inhabit it.

I would also like to tip my hat to Bailey from the Los Angeles Kings as well as all of my fellow mascots that were up for this award. It was an honor to be included with such a talented and accomplished group. Keep on entertaining your fans my friends! Thank you to the team at MascotInsider.com for this award, and as many of my friends on the Marty-Train will tell you – “CAN’T STOP THIS TRAIN!” Thank you



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