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  1. 1. What organization do you represent? Well, I'm my own dog as such. Unlike my big league mascot brothers and sisters, I'm not backed by an organization. However, I represent every shelter pet. My job is to get them as many fans as I can. Just like my big league mascot pals do for their team.Wait a tail waggin' second....Maybe I am like them. BOL! (bark out loud) 2. How long have you been around the mascot business? In dog years? 35. Ok, I'll stop being a smug Pug. 2015 will be my fifth year. 3. What are some of your fondest memories? Wow. Since these are made daily, that's a rawhide question. Going to schools and meeting kids who have done wonderful things for the animal shelters in their community is quiet fond to this Fido. 4. Do you look up to any mascots? Yes, when they drop down from the arena ceiling. BOL! OK, now I'm being as serious as an empty treat jar. Benny the Bull keeps my nose to wind. 5. What are your favorite treats? The ones that are in an endless supply and I can swallow whole. 6. What are you favorite events to attend? Pet adoption events are the dog diggity. Parades are pristine. I gotta tell ya though, my goal is TO BE the favorite thing at any event I attend. 7. Do you travel? Yes, but since I am self funded my budget doesn't allow me to buy a very long leash. However, I am micro-chipped so I'm ready when the opportunity sniffs me out. 8. What is something you would like to say, but can’t out loud? I like cats. 9. Do you love car rides? YES YES OOOHHHH YES ARE WE GOING? ARE WE GOING??? Sorry, you said the "R" word. Be warned. When I stick my big, lovable head out of the window, the car will lose about five miles per gallon. 10. Who’s a good doggie? The one adopted from a shelter. :0) Thanks so much to Shell-E the Shelter Dog for taking to the time to interview with us. Catch Shell-E on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/shelletheshelterdog.
  2. MascotInsider is proud to present a Phantical Interview with MLB top mascot The Phanatic! Let’s begin below.. 1. What do you do to get the fans excited during the game? Of course, I’m doing everything I can to get the fans excited. Rhythmic clapping, trying to see which section cheers louder and dancing with players, coaches and umpires usually does the trick. When all else fails, rolling my belly around in circles never fails! 2. You versus Tommy Lasorda. Who wins? Even though Tommy has a hundred or so pounds on me, I can still take him. 3. What’s it like to be in the Mascot Hall of Fame? It’s an honor to be recognized as one of the all-time professional idiots of all time. My Mom, Phoebe, is so proud. 3. What’s it like to be enshrined in Cooperstown? I was at the Baseball Hall of Fame recently and was taken aback when I saw the life-sized replica of me in the glass case. It was like looking in a mirror. What makes it so special is that they have me displayed in the same room where an exhibit of Max Patkin is displayed. The Clown Prince of Baseball is my hero and was the model for the modern day mascot. 4. You have been around since 1978. What are some of your favorite memories? It seems like a favorite memory is created every day I’m out there either at the game or somewhere out at an appearance. Certainly, the two championship parades down Broad Street have to be at the top of the list. Our final game at the Vet was a day I’ll always remember. I walked around the entire stadium that day and to see the emotion from the fans who loved the Vet was amazing. I dressed in a tuxedo and danced to Donna Summer’s Last Dance on the dugout at the end of the game. A bunch of fans jumped up on the dugout to join me – it was awesome. 5. Your ATV stalled out before the game against the Washington Nationals on June 17. Could Jayson Werth be behind what happened? The gears got stuck and I couldn’t get it into neutral. Jayson was trying actually trying to help out. This mascotting thing is a funny business. At a real job, if you screw up, you get fired. With this job, if you screw up, people laugh and you end up on ESPN at the end of the night. 6. How well do you interact with other mascots? My favorite time of the year is the All Star Game. The MLB mascots have been attending the All Star Game since Philadelphia hosted the game in 1996. We have a great time together although the smell emanating from our dressing room could knock over an adult elephant. 7. How do you deal with a crowd that lacked energy? If a crowd lacks energy, I go out between innings and smash a Mets helmet. Works every time. 8. How do you deal with the times that YOU lacked energy? If I lack energy, I go out between innings and smash a Mets helmet. Works every time. 9. What do you do during the off-season? I like going out and being with the people. Weddings, bar mitzvahs, schools, hospitals, malls, ribbon-cutting events, rodeos, basket weaving contests, funerals, you name it and I’ll be there. 10. Who was or is your favorite player to interact with. (Phillies and opposing player) Favorite opposing player – Joe Carter. Yeah, I should hate his guts for beating us with that HR in 1993, but we had some battles back in the day that the crowd loved. Chucky Carr was another guy who used to mix it up with me. He would try to pie me before the game and he’d bring his own Super Soaker and start water fights. Favorite Phillie – ALL OF THEM! A BIG Thanks to The Phanatic for taking to the time to do an interview with us at MascotInsider. For more information about The Phanatic click here to visit his home page!
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